WTF is Madam CJ SkyWalker?!

Welcome back Fam,

Lets jump right in. Who TF is Madam CJ Skywalker you ask….Well, she’s me 🙂 . I am in my late 20’s and currently reside in the DMV area (more specifically and proudly, PG County- the suburbs of MD right outside of DC).

My moniker is an  homage to the O.G.- Madam C.J. Walker, the first officially recorded Black Millionaire woman. If you are interested in learning more, I would suggest checking out, “On Her Own Ground” by A’Lelia Bundles, which will be coming to Netflix close to you in 2018 (for those reading averse or visual junkies out there).

Annnyywho…she is one of my biggest influences. Walker did not gain most of her wealth until later in her life, and with that wealth, she built an empire that allowed other entrepreneurs (most specifically women) to provide for their families in ways that the economy of the time could not. She was also a big philanthropist, and big for the Civil Rights struggle of that time.

So, Madam CJ Skywalker emerged from those ashes…plus Skywalker is my jam!

My goals here aren’t many, and is very simple: Create. Develop. Own. 

Dassit. In the comments, let me know what motto’s y’all are trying ya best to live by in 2018.

Oh and naw, never seen that Star Wars jaunt, but good guess though ;-).

Anything else you want to know about me or GY&N leave in the comments below so we can connect!


What does GY&N mean?

As the link that got you here indicates -Gifted, Young, & Nigerian.

Homage to the Queen Nina Simone (please Google, before even thinking to open your mouth to ask that silly question).

Gifted– Where we will highlight the work of US. Past, present, and Future versions, stories, fantasies of OURS.

Young– This…will be TBD. Right now I envision this being were we tell stories of our youth that had significant impact on us. Not the flowery, go-to bullshit childhood story we all tell. I mean that childhood story that we buried deep inside for whatever reason (shame, guilt, intense pleasure). Send all ya luscious stories to!

Nigerian-Don’t be shy, we ain’t xenophobic, loves! We welcome the ENTIRE Diaspora.


-Mdme CJ SkyWalker

igwe’s palace


so this is my space. just moved to houston to you know … find myself. i guess this is my journaling to reach my goal and make some money in the mean time {heard that ads are big business now a days}. also stepping out of my comfort zone, heard that where success is… stay posted.

“have you ever seen a 7-footer shmagod, on god not before KD”




What is a good New Years Resolution (2018)?


The only resolution Millennials (especially of the melanated variety) should be focused on is financial freedomDebt Free or Die Trying style!!

Why is debt the devil, you ask? Well, its not aaallllll bad, my bias largely comes from I witnessing my parents lose the home they worked MANY years to afford during the Great Recession. That was hard to watch, and it seems like we are just beginning to get to a good place financially. Momma ain’t raise not fool now, I am now very risk averse, but I also try very hard to be a student of the game, to learn more about why we need to pay better attention to how we got here, just check out this article. 

We are facing financial decisions our parents and predecessors never dreamed of. So now that we are facing financial woes, that others haven’t, lets tackle it as others don’t.

To the nitty gritty: MCJ owes a bit north of $14 stacks to a bank located somewhere in CO, which I will probably never step foot into. Luckily (or unluckily) all of my debt is consumer debt, from my sexy Kia Optima (biggest financial mistake to date…hopefully ever), but I know most Millennial debt is tied to student loan debt, so here are great resources that may help those of you who do have that burden to carry.

My goal is singular and simple. It all must go. $0 balance by December 31,2018. This is all part of my life goal, to be as flexible in life as possible. Meaning I want to be a nomadic worker, that has work styled around her life, and not the other way around.

Very lofty life goal, but I think my 2018 rez is pretty simple and straight forward. I spent 2017 optimizing my debt, and avenues of income (which sadly is basically only one).

In my next post, I will explain how I am activating the Hustler in me to scrap up and throw as much additional income at my debt as possible, and how exactly I optimized my current income to set up 2019 to be debt free.

In the comment below, lets discuss New Years Resolutions. What ended up working for you in 2017? Whats the mission for 2018 (doesn’t have to be FI/RE related, but c’mon….)?

Alright loves, stay safe. Lets level up in 2018!