Financial Independence Resources for Black People | What does that even mean?

Short n sweet Sunday post today, my loves.

I was doing my Postmates hustle earlier this morning, listening to one of my fav financial independence podcasts – ChooseFI, and got to wondering if there were any Financial Independence podcasts/blogs/resources created for or by people of color.

So far, these are my Personal finance sources from POC’s that I already follow:

I believe I have linked out to her blog before, so be sure to check out her Ultimate Guide to Financial Independence post.

I have been listening to Rich & Marcus weekly for the past few years or so. They do a really great job exploring all the different personal finance avenues, all while keeping their expertise extremely palatable for our Millenial generation. Have you listened to their recent podcast on early retirement? If not, I gotcha :)– listen here.

This is a really small list and doesn’t even include any international (no Africans?! 😱) POC, so pleaseeeee in the comments below let me know of any other personal finance/ financial independence resources that you use or have heard of. Lets compare notes!

Happy Sunday, MCSW!

Do you have McDonald’s Money Though? (What to do with your inheritance)

Fam….how you dey?πŸ˜…Β ,

So….my 9-5 is pretty, pretty, pretty white and male (yes, I know “Welcome to Amerikka”, right?), but image discovering that a lot of these young boys have money waiting on them whenever they decide to be adults.

So Brody #1 at the j.o.b told me that his granddaddy had a cool $40k set aside for him for his FIRST home down payment. Well Damn *Kendrick voice*.

Brody #2 just started fresh(-ish) outta college less than 6 months ago, yet has the ‘rents ready to co-sign on his first place with cash to contribute to the DP pot.

Look, both of these financial situations are highly specific and probably just be attributed to those guys just being fortunate enough to be born into a financially astute family. To be fair, I also know of a few other colleagues who are neither white nor male that also have a few stacks waiting on them for house payments as well.

This just had me wondering what I would be doing with both my time and money if I knew my family had even $5,000 to contribute to either my first home or business venture. I mean, most of my time is dedicated towards figuring out this “financial freedom” lifestyle, and trying to learn how to generate more income so that I can provide generational wealth for the next generation of my family. So what would $5k or $40k do for me? Afford me more time to spend genuinely with my family and/or friends? Be able to really take the time and space to discover my “purpose in life” or develop my entrepreneurial endeavor?

What would y’all do if you either found out one of your co-workers has a savings turbo-booster pack (aka inheritance) while you were sitting at your desk eating your home packed lunch while he goes out to lunch daily, cause you are sticking to your cute-little-budget, or if you (hypothetically of course) had a turbo-booster what would your main focus be if not extreme saving.

-Peace, M. CJ Skywalker

2018 | A Month In Review– MCJSW

Hey Fam πŸ€—

My bad, had y’all on the pause πŸ˜….

πŸ’― due to laziness and procrastination. As my lovely mother often quoted to my brothers and I in our youth, “Laziness is the devil!” Haha.

Anywho…my laziness only applies to ish that don’t directly pay my B-I-L-L-S. But…. I have been working my new part time job, and its been an…adjustment to say the least.

I believe I mentioned a post explaining how I planned on getting out of debt this year, and my part time job is going to be the main acceleratorΒ to get me there.

My next post will most likely be a numerical break down of my payment scheme, because I have began throwing extra-Extra money at my car principal payment already πŸ€—.

New Wave I’m focused on ->Financial independence.


What’s the wave y’all are on in the second month of this year in the comments below. Everyone on this money wave 🌊 or still focused on ya resolutions? Leave it below πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š



i really wish they would stop this black history month charade. i’m not sure if it is a good idea to keep reminding us of the the dread history of this country. racism does not exist anymore guys, it’s all mental.


I’ve been working as an outside salesman for green mountain energy for 3 months now. I started out really well but as of lately I’ve been zeroing out. Man I hope my manager doesn’t think I’m just standing there riding the clock. I need this big time commission check to feed my village and improve my people skills.